Letters to the Editor

Good and bad

I don’t usually write letters, however I think this one deserves to be seen. Here we have a professional policeman, Commander Glenn Evans, who was sent to the worst part of Chicago to help clean up the neighborhood, which he has and many have sung his praises, only to be brought up on charges of being “tough on tactics.”

What? I have never, in all my years, heard of anything so stupid, pardon my language. He is up on charges of sticking his gun down the throat of some (not so good) person. Well, he did not pull the trigger and he got the information that they needed.

Now I ask you, can you have the good and the bad? I do believe in justice where it is right — this is just not right. They have tied the hands of our protectors to the point they don’t want to get involved. Do you blame them? Well, I could go on and on, but you got the point and I am not a big fan of Chicago either, but right is right. You want your city cleaned up?

Kay Lindsey, Granite City