Letters to the Editor


Why is it when a white first-grade student draws a gun on a piece of paper with his crayon he is immediately taken to the office and his parents called and he is given a three-day suspension? Or, if he kisses the cheek of a first-grade girl he is charged with sexual harassment?

But if a 14-year-old Muslim high school boy brings a container that looks like a briefcase to his high school English class and sits it on his desk and it starts ticking and beeping, his teacher, because of the atmosphere created since 9/11, takes the boy to the principal’s office, the police and bomb squad are called, and he is taken to the police station? When found to be a science project, the English teacher is charged with over reacting and racism, the news media picks it up and makes it into national headlines. The boy is then invited to the White House by President Obama and made into a hero and told he wished that more students were like him.

All the above students were found to be innocent. The first-grader, at his age, had no idea of what he was doing but, because of the selective criticism and political correctness of both this president and the biased news media, the reactions were strikingly different. The white students were strikingly different. The white students were condemned, the Muslim boy was made into a hero. Why is that?

Garland Horn, Granite City