Letters to the Editor

Gun control

Vladimir Lenin said: “A system of licensing and registering is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.”

Bobo the Marxist is on his self-righteous high horse once again, wanting more gun laws, although he can’t name a single law that would have stopped the Oregon shooting or any of the others, except total confiscation. After all, you cannot have a communist utopia while people have individual rights.

But, we need gun registration to stop the carnage. In case you low-information liberals are not aware, you already have a defacto gun registration. Every time the feds are called for a background check on a gun purchase, you are in a data base. Oh but, we destroy those lists after a short period of time, they tell us.

I believe that, I do. All FFL dealers are required to keep a record of the purchase along with a spent shell casing from your newly bought firearm (forever). And believe me, the feds do check them (frequently). And don’t believe that propaganda about gun show purchases either.

The reason why 92 percent of all mass shootings happen in schools, churches, theaters, etc., is — pay close attention — gun-free zones. If the mainstream Marxist news outlets would stop covering all of these shootings, for nothing but ratings, for weeks on end, these morons would stop seeking attention.

Furthermore, anyone who fails to pass a firearms background-type check should not be allowed to vote.

Roddy D. Riggs, Highland