Letters to the Editor

Libraries are plus for communities they serve

This is in response to the unsigned letter complaining about the O’Fallon Public Library that appeared in a recent Monday paper.

I am a frequent visitor to the O’Fallon Library, and I have never seen or heard any screaming children. Mothers who bring their children to the library for checking out books and for story times are not the type of moms who don’t monitor their kids. Reading with their children is a positive thing and they are to be commended.

Nor have I ever noticed the library staff talking “at full volume.” I find them to be quite friendly and helpful. Furthermore, the circulation desk is off to the side from the rest of the library, so it shouldn’t be an issue. The days of library staff patrolling the library and shushing patrons are long past; the idea of the library today is that’s it’s a busy and active place where patrons feel comfortable to use the library.

The second floor with the reference area and the computers is very quiet and makes a good place for patrons to read and study.

These same comments would apply to the Fairview Heights Library as well; Fairview has a very fine library.

For all the books, educational materials, technology, and programs they offer to the public, a library is always a plus to the community.

Mary Lu Bretsch, Belleville