Letters to the Editor


Recently, our neighbor was tragically killed in an auto accident. Francis “Frank” Thayer was in the prime of his life, a chaplain at the federal prison in Greenville.

He was a true man of God, not only in his work but in private life. We moved to Highland a little over a year ago. It was August and it was hot, as August days can be. I am out mowing the lawn, because I am in my late 70s, I took out a lawn chair and sat in front of garage in the shade. Here comes Francis striding across the street. He says, “Let me finish your yard for you.” When he was done, I got another chair and we sat in my driveway and visited for quite a “long spell.” He told me some of his life story and I shared some of mine. Angela, his wife, came out and I got acquainted with her. Just a day or two before or maybe the very day he went to his heavenly reward, I was in my driveway (again) I saw Francis (I sometimes call him Frank as he wife does) and I said, “Hello, Frank.” He said, “Hello, Ray.” Those were the last words I exchanged with a really, really good man. I will treasure that exchange to the end of my days.

H. Ray Sigler, Highland