Letters to the Editor

Gas prices

Where is the promised price drop? We have been told over and over that gas prices are going to drop. My question and many others keep asking is when.

Oil has dropped below $50 a barrel for moths now, wholesale prices for gasoline have dropped to the same point they were last year at this time when prices at the pump dropped to $1.79 a gallon. When are the prices at the pump going to go down?

Every time we see it go down 10 cents on a Sunday or Monday the price jumps back up 20 cents on Thursday. Every week this happens and we end up paying more and more. The wholesale prices haven’t budged except for maybe a few cents here and there, yet prices in the St. Louis market jump exponentially. If you drive out from St. Louis 20 miles in any direction you will see prices at the pump about 20 to 30 cents cheaper. What gives?

John Bauer, New Baden