Letters to the Editor

Gun arguments

It seems as though the “gun control” argument is metamorphosing into a “gun safety” discussion. Fine, let’s discuss gun safety.

Let’s also discuss car safety, and drug safety, and tobacco safety, and alcohol safety. Each of these kills more people annually than guns, yet I don’t hear any outcry to ban, license, or strictly control them.

In the interest of safety, let’s make all drugs (aspirin, hay-fever medicine, and other OTC too) prescription only. Let’s also make alcohol and tobacco available only by prescription in order to save lives.

Oh, let’s not leave out private motor vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.) since they kill and injure many hundreds of thousands every year. We’ll have to ban those in the interest of safety, requiring safe public transportation instead. Only commercial transportation allowed on public highways, with all drivers (commercial, public, and private) subject to strict background checks and restrictions on where and when they can drive. That would be safe, wouldn’t it?

What is the number one killer? (Hint; it is not firearms, regardless of past media coverage). If we want to be safe, let’s discuss that.

Jack L. Hickman, Fairview Heights