Letters to the Editor

Gun legislation

Our legislators in Springfield are in a stalemate in their battle over the budget. In the meantime, we are all too aware of the deadly shootings that occur daily in Chicago. And across the nation, we are reeling from three more mass school shootings. In addition to the obvious cost in human lives, gun violence costs Illinois $9 billion in associated costs each year, according to research by economist Ted Miller at the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation.

Reducing gun violence will not only save lives, but will also help reduce our state’s budget woes.

One way to reduce gun violence, as recommended in a report from the Chicago Mayor’s Office, is to reduce the flow of illegal guns on our streets. Twenty percent of the guns recovered in Chicago crimes are traced back to just four gun dealers — dealers that don’t currently have to meet any state licensing requirements. This makes no sense, especially since we license hair braiders in Illinois.

I’m joining other members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and telling our legislators to pass SB1883. Safer licensing requirements, like those called for in SB1883, would significantly reduce the number of guns that get into the hands of criminals, save lives and reduce Illinois’ costs associated with gun violence.

This is crime-prevention legislation that in no way affects law-abiding gun owners, nor limits the 2nd Amendment. It’s time to pass a life-saving and cost-saving law like SB1883.

Cindy McMullan, Columbia