Letters to the Editor


I need to respond to Lori Felts’ recent nonsense of a letter. Bush ignored most of his daily intelligence briefings, particularly the one in August that warned Bin Laden was determined to attack the United States, preferable with planes. This was acknowledged to Condoleezza Rice in the 9/11 hearings. These briefings are given directly to the president, not a go-between.

Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA agent that the Bush administration purposely outed to discredit her husband Joe Wilson who publicly disagreed with the assertion that Saddam Hussein had tried to purchase uranium from Africa. She refers to this person as “Libby.” His name is Scooter Libby, and if his name is not familiar to her, it tells me she had no personal knowledge of these events.

Just for the record, the responsibility for 9/11 was Osama bin Laden, not Saddam Hussein.

I don’t understand how Felts writes such a disjointed letter, while claiming to do so much research. Maybe a broader spectrum of historical websites, along with an effort to better comprehend what she is reading would help.

By the way, no government site will ever give the “full” account. It is naive to think so.

Bev Mattison, Fairview Heights