Letters to the Editor

Going green

Joseph Reichert has been burning up the email waves with letter after letter. I thought there for a while he was becoming a died-in-the wool conservative, but now he has gone into a global warming rant. Mr. Reichert, it isn’t global warming anymore, it’s climate change. It is strange that a segment of our society has politicized weather. It’s not climate change, Mr. Reichert, it is habitat destruction that is decimating the good things that he mentions.

I plant flowers and plants with seeds to feed the birds and butterflies. I have been planting trees and bushes in a subdivision that had little in that regard. My next-door neighbor has seen how attractive the flowers and trees are and has started to do the same. Be an example to those around you, Mr. Reichert.

Now we have a welcome addition to the opinion page, Bill Malec. He is a refreshing new voice. Then we have the voice of unreason from Michael Ray Dillier. Mr. Dillier, the pope had nothing to do with John Boehner resigning. Mr. Boehner just knew that time had passed him by. He was not the conservative voice that represents freedom from an oppressive government. He knew that we need a new direction that will give more freedom to more people. He knew in his heart that the overreach of government into people’s lives is destructive to this nation. He wanted fresh leadership that will take a weak, flailing president to task.

H. Ray Sigler, Highland