Letters to the Editor

Mr. Useless Clueless

All you very intelligent and wise people that think we should give up our guns (like government wants us to do), better look at what is happening overseas. The same thing happened in Germany and it could happen here. I don’t see any saints in Washington, do you?

America is trillions in debt. We have veterans needing help, children and adults needing food, medical and housing, infrastructure needs repair, weapon stockpiles need updated, defense system needs help and people need jobs. All the above is on the back burner. We keep borrowing, paying interest while taking care of other countries’ problems and sending borrowed money and jobs overseas. Stupid things being done by stupid politicians.

Mr. Useless Clueless, at the White House, wants to bring thousands of his Muslim buddies here. Why do the immigrants want to come here when our jobs are being sent overseas? A lot of them are coming for free beer and to destroy us. That way we can be attacked within. More stupid doings by Mr. Useless Clueless and his followers.

We don’t need any more immigrants. The government and big business just want them to drive down workers’ pay and hurt unions. We already got a taste of the crime that comes with the immigrants coming here to change and destroy us. You know — 9/11, church, school and military base killings. I guess the bleeding hearts and our government need more of it to happen before they wake up.

Terry Hunt, Trenton