Letters to the Editor

Sound-off 10/18/15

From the readers of the News-Democrat

Our readers comment on the week’s news:

Teens or babies?

What’s with the pre-teens and teenagers riding around inside the shopping carts? One, it’s dumb, and two it’s unsanitary. I put my groceries inside the cart where a teen agers dirty jeans have been and where his filthy tennis shoes have been. Come on kids, get a grip. You are either a teenager or you are a baby. The carts are meant for the babies, not for teenagers.

Cops speed

Another example of a state police officer on Highway 55 west bound speeding. I’m doing 80 to 85, and I can’t keep up with him. He does not have his lights on, not an emergency, he must be late for work. I’m doing 80 and he is way ahead of me. I guarantee he is doing 90 mph. He will get off at Collinsville exit, and check in or out, I’ve complained to the office, but they don’t want to hear it. What happens if he gets in an accident? Unnecessary speeding. Crazy what they can get away with. He did not go to the headquarters, he got on I-255, and he is racing 100 miles an hour, I tried to catch him going 90 mph.

Bad Obama

The commander in chief is responsible for bombing the doctors without borders in Afghanistan and he is the Chief, and what is he doing? He’s out in Oregon, people made up signs and told him they don’t want to see him, but he is out there anyway, he’s really on the job.

False ads

The Belleville fairgrounds have a yard sale and they advertise 500 plus tables. I show up for the early bird, and there are 150 tables to 200 at most set up. What a way to fool the public, talk about false advertisement, on the radio, on the website, big joke. What a scam.

Police lie

I’ve read your article with interest, about the state trooper who performed the strip search. I’m a white middle aged man, and recently had my first encounter with the police over traffic violation. The state trooper who handled the matter was both physically and verbally abusive to me. When I got a copy of the police report, I was astounded that it was full of inaccuracies, and outright lies. I mentioned this to a former police officer and was told its common practice for police to lie in police reports. Keep in mind that not all cops are heroic.

Please answer

I watched on You Tube the Caseyville Township meetings from two weeks ago, when Bruce Canty the supervisor was telling the board that they couldn’t ask a question and they had to put it in writing seven days in advance. Who does this man think he is? You have to have open meetings, you can’t ask for questions to be handed in seven days prior to a meeting. This man has gone power hungry.

Not guns fault

Once again I see politicians getting involved in the gun debate. They get upset with mass shootings, as we all should and those are a mental health issue. Everyone who does mass shootings has mental health issues. That is not a gun issue. The gun issues come when you talk about inner city black on black crime. No one wants to talk about that, but this the problem. The president would have you believe that mental health has nothing to do with these mass shootings, but wants to make changes to effect the black on black crime. I say, call it what it is. Address both issues and let’s get rid of gun violence, not guns.

Teachers should pay

I travel quite a bit and went to Michigan where I had discussed teachers from Illinois. The teachers there were discussing about the unions and discussing insurance. They don’t have unions and they pay their own insurance. And they have no debt. Why the residents of Illinois should be paying all these prices for nine months of schooling and the teachers, supposedly role models, who show up in unprofessional dress. They don’t care about the students. I live in a subdivision full of teachers, they never bring work home with them to do. They sit and talk. All they want is the money and the pension. I believe the teachers should be given a test, and if they can’t pass it, you are no longer a teacher. You’d be surprised what you can ask a teacher and they can’t give you an answer to.

Paint is wrong

The person who painted the cannon in the Freeburg Village Park did not do a very good job of researching the correct color. That is an era WWII cannon and the paint scheme should be OD-green not DESERT STORM brown. I’m surprised the American Legion, which is who the cannon was gifted to by the Army, would allow such a blatant mistake.

Cover Columbia

In sports Columbia won and beat Breese Central probably for the Conference championship, not one write up in the Belleville News Democrat. What about Columbia, check us out, we have subscribers here, too.

Seats first

I believe the Redbird Express from St. Clair Square to the Bush Stadium is great. However the driver needs to make sure the passengers are seated before they take off. I saw two passengers fall because the bus jerked and took off, without allowing the passenger’s time to find a seat.

They’re thugs

All these black thugs doing all these senseless killings and they wonder why they get called the names they get called.

Not paying

I looked through the ‘Go fund me’ page on the internet. And people want us to send money to teachers on strike in East St. Louis, like they don’t have enough money? And they are schooling these kids out of college education because they can’t play football. And I’m supposed to feel sorry for them. I don’t think so.

Cut your salary

Once again Mr. Culver is talking out of his head about how we can’t raise the taxes on our citizens in our community. He is not part of our community. He has a half a million dollar home in Swansea, he is not even from of our community. I know how you can save some money Mr. Culver. Get rid of all those administrators who are making six figure salaries that don’t really have jobs to do. That would save you several million. And then maybe cut your salary in half, which would save a few millions more as well.

Encourage civics

Instead of all the sports in school, I suggest they start teaching our children current events and other politics our local politicians are stealing from us. Give students extra credit for attending Belleville City Hall meetings, too much emphasis is given to sports, where the politicians are robbing us blind. Get them interested in Government at all levels or by time they are older there won’t be a United Sates of America.

Names, please

Today’s paper has 3 political cartoons and not one is Glenn McCoy’s. Please print their name, I can’t read them and I want to write them an educational letter. I miss Glenn.

No smoking

I thought it was against the law to smoke inside Government vehicles. Why then does the School District worker’s get to drive around in the vehicles smoking cigarettes? Why doesn’t the school board do something about it? Are you going to do something about the driver who ran into someone and broke their legs? If you hit a fellow employee and break both of their legs, you continue to work?

Why bus?

Mr. Culver, why would you have buses running on a Teachers Institute day? Why not have the buses run on Sat and Sun? He is a phony, trying to depend on the students in East St. Louis.

Calling out Kern

How can Mark Kern call someone despicable? Where do you think he gets his votes from? From the good old citizens from East St. Louis. If anything he should be down there trying to negotiate and get the students back in school, rather than calling someone despicable because they have a sign that says, ‘Educator lives matter’. All lives matter, no matter what color you are. He’s coming up for reelection, think about it.