Letters to the Editor


Who has the bigger ego, Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina?

Some pundits have suggested that Trump can never be president of the United States because his ego won’t fit within the Oval Office. Certainly Trump, by his language and demeanor, can make no serious claim to humility.

Carly Fiorina, on the other hand, is usually described as “tough.” But Fiorina has an ego issue which dwarfs even Trump’s.

Fiorina was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer in February 2009. Her treatments included a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The cold, hard, unmerciful statistics establish that Fiorina has only a 40 percent chance of living until February 2019.

Fiorina must be aware of these probabilities. Fiorina can also have no knowledge of her actual fate. Nevertheless, in the face of these harsh realities, Fiorina wants the American electorate to entrust her with the presidency.

It would be kind to only say Fiorina has an enormous ego. No one with less than a 50-50 chance of completing their first term in office should put the nation at risk by seeking to occupy the office of the presidency. More accurately, Fiorina’s quest for the presidency, based upon her medical history and the statistical realities applicable to her, is wholly irresponsible.

Fiorina could beat the odds and ultimately become a long-term cancer survivor. Unfortunately, her odyssey to achieve that personal goal in the days ahead should not simultaneously include putting this nation at risk by conferring the presidency upon her.

Chris Tabing, Coulterville