Letters to the Editor

No Rembrandts

I love the commercial on TV about the pitcher who can paint the outside edge of the plate is called a “Rembrandt.”

As I see it, our Cardinals pitchers, for the most part, are “Earl Shieb” or hundred-dollar car painters, but not all of them. We have a few barn painters in the lot but we sure don’t have any “Rembrandts.”

If it wasn’t for the double play balls that our outfield has perfected, they would have very few wins.

This old excuse of “I had a bad day” just don’t get it done. You are supposed to be professionals.

Who of you would want a surgeon to operate on your eyes or heart who says, “Well, I’m having a bad day today.”

Even guys like myself who finished concrete for 25 years could not have a bad day once the concrete was poured — we had to perform at our best every day, no excuses.

I’m just saying that’s no way to treat your faithful fans with the money you make and charge.

Dennis Kaufmann, Belleville