Letters to the Editor


I want to thank Russell Fette for his exhaustive research on Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame. But his main mission, to insinuate that Ms. Plame was “outed” by someone other than the Bush administration failed badly. There is a huge difference between a conversation in a “green room” (if it happened, I will have to take his word) and a full national exposition on both written and televised media orchestrated by our government.

Regardless, the point was that the Bush administration (Rove and Cheney) was so worried, that they risked the lives of thousands of other CIA agents just because of their association with Ms. Plame. There has been both a popular movie and a documentary made on this issue, and they exposed the same desperation by a corrupt administration not seen since the days of Richard Nixon. So my comment on his rendition is somewhere between “so what?” and “What you got now?” Because their carefully crafted expose made our country less safe. Just don’t want the public misled.

Joseph M. Reichert, Belleville