Letters to the Editor

Cat and mouse

We as readers have once again been informed of the current cat and mouse games being demonstrated by the parties involved in the school District 189 strike.

After reading union comments made by union Local 1220 representative Dave Comerford in regards to the strike, I would have to conclude that Mr. Comerford wants readers to believe that the district has not been negotiating in good faith, which is obviously untrue. Comerford stated that the strike wasn’t about money but it was about power, which is also untrue. If this wasn’t about money, the teachers would have accepted this offer that was acceptable to the executive board and is obviously a fair offer. Most of the general public knows that this about greed demonstrated by many of the teachers in Distarict 189.

This offer will result in a $5 million increase in operating costs, which is paid by District 189 taxpayers. Any surplus money attained by school district by raping taxpayers isn’t a blank check for teachers’ salaries.

Decades of fiscal irresponsibility by Mr. Greenwood and other members of the school board have resulted in $20 million in losses and a tax rate of nearly 11 percent. Teachers always come out ahead, students and taxpayers always lose.

Kevin Sheridan, Fairview Heights