Letters to the Editor


Reading the Oct. 16 account about four accidents in six hours is a symptom of the lack of traffic law enforcement area wide. Motorists drive with total disregard of the rules of the road. Police are among the violators.

Just a few days ago, while waiting to turn into my subdivision, the car facing me was making an illegal right turn on red with a police car right behind him. Good, I thought, the cop is going to nail him. But the cop also made an illegal turn. This was not the first time I’ve observed police making an unlawful turn at Illinois 161 and Frank Scott Parkway.

The people involved in Thursday’s accidents weren’t the only injured parties. All of us who pay auto Insurance premiums will share in the loss with higher rates. I have observed the traffic for 10 years at Illinois 161 and Frank Scott Parkway; I’m told it has the second-highest traffic volume in the county. It’s an absolute zoo out there: Speeding, tailgating, driving without lights in the rain, and the illegal right turns.

The numbers are staggering as reported to me by one of Belleville’s firemen who has been on the scene. There are always a half dozen squad cars and as many officers tied up for hours. The bottom line is this there in not enough traffic enforcement county wide — that’s why motorists do as they please.

William H. Bremen Sr., Belleville