Letters to the Editor

Two C’s

I’ve been reading about the discussions of adding traffic lights on Troy-O’Fallon Road and Highway 40 in Troy at the Spring Valley intersection. Recently there was a serious accident on Troy-O’Fallon Road at the Lebanon intersection.

I also do not want to see people injured. However, spending millions of dollars on traffic lights is a total waste of money. The reason I say that is because the accident is not being caused because there’s no traffic light, it’s being caused because the drivers on both Highway 40 and especially Troy-O’Fallon Road, where there is no police protection, are driving in some cases 25 to 30 mph over the posted 55 mph speed limit.

Just imagine yourself traveling on Troy-O’Fallon Road, for example, at 57 to 58 mph and cars are passing at 70 to 75 mph or more as they cross roads such as Lebanon Road or Spring Valley on Highway 40. I have personally witnessed vehicles passing at high rates of speed on the right side on the shoulder.

Before we spend millions of dollars on unneeded traffic lights, maybe we should try to drive with common sense like human beings that actually care about each other. Neither I nor any other motorist or homeowners trying to pull out of driveways should be at risk of being seriously injured or killed because you’re in a rush.

We can stop these accidents by just using the two C’s: compassion and common sense.

Joe Willis. Troy