Letters to the Editor


In May of 2012 Jamie White opened her store — All-In Shipping — offering shipping, printing and copying services. In the little more than three years in business, other services like U-Haul truck rental and cutting keys are some of the other things offered.

The location at 5343 Belleville Crossing Street didn’t look very promising to this writer, located between Oliver C Joseph and Belleville Crossing Shopping Center. This is one of the numerous TIF areas in the city. The satellite building is surrounded by open space on all sides, the promised additional construction and promise of other businesses has never occurred. The business space next door has never had a tenant.

I’m not an economist and I don’t have any facts, however empirical evidence would suggest the whole Belleville Crossing project hasn’t lived up to the hype the city promised.

All-In-Shipping has defied the odds by being a tremendous success. Oh, did I mention Jamie and her husband Bryan didn’t receive any TIF money? Bryan has joined Jamie in working at the store. Sometimes it’s hard to find him among the stacks of parcels ready to ship. All-In-Shipping will ship to both foreign and domestic locations and utilizes most shippers except UPS.

Their business formula is very basic and simple, hard to find these days, “the customer comes first.” One or two visits to All-In-Shipping and you are family. Their service and friendship is priceless. You go Jamie and Bryan White

William H. Bremen Sr., Belleville