Letters to the Editor

Five accidents in three years is too much

In the Sunday paper I read an article about Bob Shipley, executive director of the Metro East Sanitary District, who has had quite a few accidents in a car assigned to him by the MESD. It’s not a little economical car but a Ford Expedition. The point made in the article is that he takes the car for repairs to Andy Economy’s body shop to be repaired each time and Mr. Economy is on the board at MESD.

Five accidents in three years. Mr. Economy has made $18,400 repairing this one car. I’m not as concerned about the fact that he takes the car to Mr. Economy but how long do you let someone drive a car at taxpayer’s expense in which he continues to be so irresponsible?

I know that when anyone I know has had an auto accident their insurance premiums are raised ridiculously high. How much have these accidents impacted the insurance covering that car? Even in baseball its three strikes and you’re out. Why do we continue to allow this man to drive a car at our expense?

Five accidents in three years is really too much. Change the rules. Let him drive his own car and pay the insurance. I can’t even imagine what we are paying for his Ford Expedition insurance.

Pam Dellamano, Granite City