Letters to the Editor


A very moving and powerful story of forgiveness and mercy was presented today in Belleville: Eleven-year-old Maria Goretti forgave the man who assaulted her with 14 stab wounds which killed her. Maria forgave his very angry man, Alessandro Serenelli, which forgiveness ultimately changed his life forever here on earth and in Heaven.

Many will scoff at this, but please investigate the story yourself. In this month, designated Domestic Awareness Violence Month, I wish to applaud all programs and people who are dedicated to helping with this very deep-seated and serious problem.

We live in a time where God’s word and even His name are not revered and indeed mostly used in derision. We are in great need of a spirit of forgiveness and mercy as proclaimed by Pope Frances during his recent visit.

It is hard to forgive, but if every day each of us would think of the person or persons they dislike or actually hate, and say a short prayer like “God please help me to forgive so and so this day”, we would create a spirit of mercy on our whole community and perhaps help people think before they act.

Much more is involved, but it would be a good beginning. Why not try it?

Dorothy Feder