Letters to the Editor

Sound-off 10/26/15

From the readers of the News-Democrat

Our readers comment on the week’s news:

Not expensive

I’m commenting about Oct. 5 Sound-Off talking about heroin addiction and the expensive drug that can save people’s lives called naloxone. It’s not expensive, it’s paid for by insurance. You should not print lies like that in your paper. It’s been around forever and it’s not expensive. You should not act like people don’t want to pay for drugs that can save people’s lives when they make a mistake.


Bruce Canty, Caseyville Township supervisor, is trying to enforce a law that says all the workers have to live in the township, yet he doesn’t. This is ridiculous. He should forfeit his office.


What’s up with the signs thanking Costello for saving the shooting complex in Sparta, he failed. They need to be taken down.

Lives matter

After watching the news, and going through East St. Louis, the signs are “Teachers lives matter.” Everybody‘s lives matter. How about worrying about the children who are suffering, and what about the athletes who depend on scouts to watch them play football. What about their lives, don’t they matter?


As a history teacher, and having taught history for more than 40 years, I was appalled with the High Mount parent who was upset with the Muslim history unit. In educating children about the terms used in the news in the papers, is not teaching or promoting a religion. Students need to learn these words, along with Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, and any others that part of the world culture and geography. Not knowing these words does nothing but encourage ignorance.


I’m really thrilled that the state of Illinois has made a determination that an IOU is just as good as cash. I will send them an IOU when my taxes are due in April and let them know when I will pay my taxes. I think everybody should do this.

Fairview Heights

I like the comment by Meyer landscaping president Stacy Miller stating severe cold and road salt hurt the trees and grass in Fairview Heights. We are going to have winter. It’s inevitable. And when we have it, we are going to have salt applied to the roads. How will grass and trees subject to salt from the roads, be expected to grow? You should have addressed that first.

Social security

No social security cost of living raises. My insurance premiums are going up and I‘m going to be paying more out of my pocket. Thanks to former Congressma, Costello for a deciding vote to put Obama Care in force. And keep earning your consulting fees, now that you’ve screwed up our economy.


It would be easier to persuade NGA to locate in St. Clair County if we disband the no longer needed vehicle emissions testing program. Healthy vehicles with no emission faults cannot be registered when the Illinois EPA test stations computer fails to read certain monitors on the car because the program denies testing on the vehicle’s on board diagnostic system. Anyone moving here from Missouri, risks having an unusable and unsalable vehicle taking up space in their garage.

No strike

High-paid teachers with fantastic benefits are on strike. This is a joke. Anyone paid by taxpayers should not be allowed to be in a union and allowed to go on strike.

Back to basics

I wish someone would explain to me how someone can teach about Muslims in school but you can’t say the pledge alliance to the flag, or Merry Christmas. This is America. The main language is English. Get back to basics — reading writing and arithmetic.

Job qualification

I wonder what the Cahokia requirements are for getting a job in the village. Not knowing what a stop sign means seems to be one of them. A bunch of privileged people run the stop signs: I’ve watched police, bus drivers and administrators all run stop signs. I can do that, give me a job.


Belleville City Hall breaks the laws with the students of Lindenwood and their housing. What would the city do if they didn’t have Michael Bittner as alderman trying to keep the citizens of Belleville informed?

Grass cutters

The grass cutters in Cahokia are so efficient, they don’t even pick up trash before they cut the grass. Now we have thousands of small pieces of garbage bags and Styrofoam thrown everywhere. Too lazy to pick up the trash? Come on don’t be like the state employees — care a little.


A comment for Alderwoman Janet Schmidt, you keep opening your mouth and all you are is a “yes” person for the mayor’s agenda. I can assure you, you will not be reelected. If you think everything is so good around Lindenwood, I would like to ask, what is the overall plan for LU in our ward? What will they do next? They are taking houses off the tax rolls. Tell us what you are finding out? And if you don’t know, just keep your mouth shut. You are unqualified to hold your position.


As a Cardinals’ fan, I always wondered as I traveled the country, why some people hated the Cardinals. But after reading Dennis Kaufmann’s letter about the Cardinals pitching, I now understand. The Cardinals won over 100 games this year. They were amazing and it came to end prematurely because of injuries. Mr. Kaufman insists they were a horrible team. And that the pitchers can’t paint the corners. Our team was amazing this year. We are spoiled, we could be in another town where teams don’t win half of their games. Get real.

District 189

I read the letter from Kevin Sheridan and Mr. Sheridan you come across as a bitter man. Why don’t you come to District 189 and teach for a day. You will understand why this staff needs an increase. You don’t own a home in East St. Louis, why are you so concerned about the taxpayers? They are older residents who get a tax break. Get a life.


Hillary Clinton said in the debate that Republicans are her enemy. Is she running to be president of only half the country? Sounds like she is not willing to work with Congress. Looks like a third Obama term of gridlock.

I don’t mind paying taxes, but over $43 million in 2014 should be eliminated or transferred to roads, city fire departments, etc. RIF goes to private businesses. TIF goes to private businesses, why should some people get this money, while other hard working Americans have to save to open a business or borrow money? After schools, TIF is the highest recipient of our real estate tax bill.


I’m tired of Belleville allowing outsiders to operate businesses in shacks around the square. Let them eat at our nice restaurants.


Only in Madison County government can an employee have five wrecks with a county car and keep his job for any consideration of his job status. And then let a fellow political member fix his car at his body shop. Madison County politics at its best.


Concerning the Cubs in the playoffs. I don’t know if many people noticed, the first game in Chicago, in the 8th inning it was raining very hard and they kept playing. No one left their seats to seek shelter. Chicago is so lucky to have dedicated fans. And it was a great season. And they will be back. And this is from a Cardinal fan. Congrats to the Cubs and fans, they deserve it.


Kudos go out to the attorneys, plaintiffs and all affected St. Clair Township residents who are taking on Swansea in the sewer service contract lawsuit. It is time we, the people, fight for equality and justice.