Letters to the Editor


Logical men and women choose to vote on the facts. They are not motivated by guilt. They know we need Donald desperately because they know his strengths. His businesses employ thousands that have paid millions in taxes. Ben is a skilled medical technician, Fiorina a failed CEO. Do not let guilt sway you into voting politically correct, as in 2008 and 2012.

Donald tells you what you need to hear so Americans will take action to save our country. He may be the last great hope. If he does not succeed as president, we will have gone down with a fight you will never forget. If not, the greatest experiment in democracy ever tried has failed, and let China, Mexico and others bury us in the grave dug, not by them, our enemies from without, but by our enemies from within.

There is only one in the race that can take back America. Not Carson, the nice guy, like Bush Jr., or Fiorina the failed CEO of Hewlett Packard that almost succeeded in driving Hewlett Packard into bankruptcy,. That plus her similar beliefs, like Obama, that we owe the Nation of Islam for what we have achieved.

We have a successful business person available who, through his negotiating skills can use these proven successful negotiating and management skills to bring America back to her rightful place in the world.

Lee Harris, Swansea