Letters to the Editor


I learned a lot while watching the House Select Committee on Benghazi hearing last week. I cannot fathom a U.S. ambassador asking for added security 600 times — yes, 600 — and being denied each and every time. If there was a definition of “incompetence” by a public official, that is it

Hillary’s failure in the matter of securing that compound alone should disqualify her from holding any government position of leadership. However, many liberal folks seem to feel that incompetence is a virtue. The God’s honest truth is that she is no more qualified to be our Commander in Chief than Obama is ... maybe less qualified.

Hillary knows nothing of finance or budgeting, defense strategy, negotiating, security and she has a vocabulary of four-letter words that would make a longshoreman proud. She hates our military and even hates the Secret Service people who protect her butt. That doesn’t even make any sense.

Hillary is just a bitter, nasty old lady who has no experience at anything. She could get this country into even worse doo-doo than Obama has. World leaders don’t need another U.S. president to laugh at.

Jim Bonnevier, Belleville