Letters to the Editor


I wholeheartedly agree with Mary Lu Bretsch and Susanne Hoffmann in trumpeting the great value of local public libraries. They are truly treasure chests for the communities that they serve.

Bretsch’s failed to mention one fact in the case of O’Fallon’s library however. It’s been “under construction” for weeks-and-weeks so it’s currently only a shell of what it will be once all the work is completed.

I’m a long time patron of O’Fallon’s library and feel that it’s a real privilege of residency. I visit often to either to pick-up or return books and the like. A new process has been introduced so that the patron can complete the pick-up task without the need for staff intervention. A newly installed curbside drop-off capability eliminates the need to even leave my vehicle to return a book or other resource.

I’m especially appreciative of the on-line services that my library offers including connectivity with other libraries across the state. I often access the network from home to search for and then request books. Then I only need to wait patiently for the e-notice from the library telling me that my request is ready for pick-up.

The only thing better would be “freaky fast” home deliveries like Jimmy John’s.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon