Letters to the Editor


The premise of Kurt Prenzler's nascent campaign for Madison County Board Chairman is that he is the only virtuous person in county government. Prenzler has announced that everyone else in county government is either a crook or a patsy. He includes our long-serving Republicans (whom Prenzler has opposed in their primaries) as well as Democrats. Prenzler was elected treasurer after Fred Bathon's malfeasance was discovered. Now Prenzler seeks to incriminate the rest of our county officials so that he might move up the ladder.

Lost in his conspiracy fantasy, Prenzler has displayed an intransigent unwillingness to constructively engage with the rest of county government. Completely at odds with all but a few of his "Tea Party" fellow travelers, Prenzler will not work with our other officials or even talk to them. It is hard to see how Prenzler could be an effective chairman given that the job consists of mediating among the various factions and interests of our county.

It is high time that Kurt Prenzler stop running on Fred Bathon's record and start running on his own.

Stephen Jellen, Edwardsville