Letters to the Editor


Obama doesn’t follow the law of the Constitution and why is he allowed to change it? Everything he is for is falling apart and has his followers out of their minds agreeing with him.

He keeps his Air Force One up there polluting the world both ways. On his trip to Kenya, the president there rejected Obama’s proposal of allowing same-sex marriage — a wise president. As a president, Obama you are not. You just don’t get it. You have no right invading the USA. You refuse to cooperate.

The laws about gun rights are legal and spelled out in the 2nd Amendment: “... the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Obama and the Senate are involved in the work of the Devil. Get this man impeached. Enough of his trash. It is time to clean that White House. We have enough of his failing systems. With his kind of greed, there is no future. Obama and his followers are a disgrace.

Don’t remain silent. It will take a lot of work by the common people to make a future. They are the heroes of this land, the big head doesn’t do it.

American people, honor the Constitution. Honor those who made it possible. Build this country with the honor we need in our government. Listen to the people that care.

Betty Storll, Edwardsville