Letters to the Editor

Keep Halloween fun but safe for children

It was the 31st of October, the eve of Saints’ Day, or Halloween, when children dress up in costumes they create, some are a lion, tiger or bear, some are angels with wings, others might be the Devil himself, or a hobo in old clothes that don’t fit, a robot that walks and talks, all with their own made-up word trick, hoping to get the best treat.

It’s all for fun and laughs while their parents watch from a distance — not too far away or too close — so they can feel safe without fear.

I and my family look forward to the sound of little feet on the front porch and listen for the knock on the door, and be surprised by the children in all their special colorful costumes and to hear “trick or treat.” You know I enjoy their knock on my door as much today as I did knocking on my neighbor’s door when I was a kid. Oh, yes, there were always doors you didn’t knock on, as there are yet today.

Our responsibility is the safety of these children. Let’s keep Halloween safe for these children and keep it at their level and keep it their day.

James E. Saffel, Mascoutah