Letters to the Editor


I do hope our mayor will recover from his sickness which caused him to miss the special council meeting. I know certain “bugs” are going around this time of year. It seems that some of the other elected officials posing as aldermen and alderwomen were unable to attend the meeting, including the two puppets from Ward 5.

What a shame if the non-attendees have contracted the same illness that threatens to hinder the mayor from performing his duties. Maybe the mayor should stay in bed for a week or month or for the rest of his term to insure a full recovery of his health and the health of the city.

The opposition is knocking on your door Mr. Mayor. Not too long ago you would have had an overwhelming majority on your side and now it is two, 7-9. People, take note and make our elected officials accountable. A person can run as an independent to hide party affiliation but their actions speak differently.

Gary L. Cox, Belleville