Letters to the Editor


While I don’t live in the neighborhood where residents complain about Lindenwood students, I live in another neighborhood where students rent property on their own. I have lived in college towns in four states, including Illinois. None of those residents complain about the best of young people who are striving to improve themselves and their lives rather than depend upon gang membership or public support through some form of aid. The residents in all of places that I have lived recognize the huge benefit they and the faculty are to the towns involved. So, I am puzzled.

One of the ways to resolve problems is to meet those who you think are causing it. Not in a confrontational way, but as a neighbor. Have any of the regular citizens met the students and talked with them?

Its just my experience that when neighbors and students become friends, suddenly they find that their issue seems to be less of a problem when they know each other. I have found this to be true with all neighbors, including military personnel while living in O’Fallon.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville