Letters to the Editor

Money goal

People are rightfully outraged at the videos that the Center for Medical Progress posted showing leaders and “doctors” from Planned Parenthood negotiating and callously discussing the harvesting of body parts from aborted babies. What may be harder to believe for most is that this is far from new with this organization. Planned Parenthood’s goal is to make money.

Why would any organization fight so hard against women seeing their ultrasounds, or for a waiting period, or for parents not to know what their young daughters are doing? Because they do not make a dime if the woman decides not to have an abortion. They know if they can keep mothers from seeing their fully formed baby in the ultrasound, if they can separate children from their parents, and they can convince women to make a decision on the spot, their chances for an abortion is much higher.

Despite their supporters trying to justify all of the “good” PP does for poor and young women, the fact is they do nothing good for women. What they do is perpetuate human trafficking by aborting the children of these women slaves, they sanction statutory rapists by not reporting these adult predators, and they drive sex “education” into schools and supply contraception to teenage girls and poor women who then come back for an abortion because the contraception failed.

Call your members of Congress to de-fund PP and vote against their supporters to make a real, positive difference for the women.

Doug Lugge, Millstadt