Letters to the Editor

Belle Valley

How much lower will the Belle Valley board, led by Karen Kunz, go? Over the past six years I have witnessed everthing from gross lies to cover-ups. Now they are considering spending approximately $30,000 to reposition some bond obligations in order to circumvent the state’s proposed tax caps. In other words, they are considering spending $30,000 of the taxpayer’s money so they can avoid a tax limit and milk the taxpayers for more money.

In the meantime, school superintendent, Louis Obernuefemann appears to be without a solution to the students’ falling and failing achievement test scores. Belle Valley has gone from being an excellent school to now ranking last when compared to the contiguous school districts.

Based on everything I have observed, I have absolutely no confidence and respect for Louis Obernuefemann and Karen Kunz. Neither should be involved in education.

Ted Farmer, Belleville