Letters to the Editor


Marc Thiessen’s article, “Yes, George W. Bush kept us safe” was one giant load of Republican BS. Yes, if you don’t count the 7,000 Americans, who died on his watch, he kept us safe. Don’t forget the 13 Embassy and Consulate attacks during Bush’s tenure, where 60 people died. Thiessen is a right-wing hack, who worked for Bush.

He claims Clinton did nothing and Bush inherited a world where terrorists operated at will, unimpeded by a forceful response. The facts show Clinton did nore to fight terrorism than any president prior to 9 / 11. Google “How Republicans Sabotaged Clinton’s anti-terror efforts”.

It was G.W. Bush, who did absolutely nothing to prepare for terrorism, in spite of 36 warnings. He was on vacation 96 days, which is 42 percent of his time prior to 9 / 11.

CIA director, George Tenet told Condi Rice in mid July 2001 there was going to be an attack. They did nothing. When Paul Wolfowitz was told about the threat, he referred to Bin Laded as “this little terrorist in Afghanistan. Tenet said the system was blinking red, but he couldn’t get anyone to listen. The Bush team thought the Clinton holdovers, Tenet, Clarke and Berger were obsessed with terrorism. The Bush team was concentrating on Star Wars Missile Defense.

On 9-11-01, 4 slow moving missiles attacked our country. The Bush team was asleep. On 9-12-01, these incompetent fools began the “blame Clinton” game.

Gene Robke, Carlyle