Letters to the Editor


Opinions may vary, but facts are facts.

The $124 billion underfunded public pension system that is growing at the rate of $1 billion every month is not sustainable. It’s going to go broke.

The governor can’t fix it without the help of your state senators and representatives and they won’t touch it, not even with a 10-foot poll. You know what to do — change the guard.

The public pensioners receive $60,000 to over $500,000 each year with a 3 percent to 4 percent guaranteed cost of living adjustment, no matter what the real cost of living is.

The state and local governments, judicial system, state and university system employees and teachers are all part of the underfunded pension system. I may support our public employees, but we cannot support the state pension system as it is today.

Any of those mentioned above and their unions know what you have to do, because you are the only cure to fix it.

I have found that most of us have had no idea what kind of union agreements were made over the years because it was always done behind closed doors. If we had, maybe this would not have happened.

If any of you striking teachers are concerned about the children’s education, you would quit the strike and go to work. Stop holding the children hostage to get what you want.

James Saffel Sr., Mascoutah