Letters to the Editor

Remember, critics, Donald doesn’t forgive

The new poll has Donald Trump up by 14 points despite the Communist News Media doing what they can to stop him. Trump stated during the debate when people cross him he never forgives. When he becomes president those media types who will have access to the Oval Office will be very small.

The CNBC moderators showed their leftist bias by their disgusting behavior towards the Republican presidential hopefuls If the purpose of news organizations is to inform they are missing the their goal. The public only gets what the media and government elites want us to know. One would think that the media would pursue all the unanswered questions surrounding Hillary.

There are so many skeletons in the Clinton’s closet — there have been 58 deaths with connections to the Clintons since their days in Arkansas until 2000.

No records can be found again until the four American deaths in Benghazi. Walter Schieb, former Clinton White House chef, died accidentally June 15. And what about Vince Foster, James McDougal and Ron Brown. Is it any wonder there is only one other major candidate challenging Hillary Clinton.

Trump sometimes carries heat, as he stated. If he continues to be the front-runner it would be best if he carried heat all the time.

My question is: What are the mathematical probabilities of these death occurring around Bill and Hillary Clinton the past 30 years being accidental, suicides, or unexplainable.

William H. Bremen Sr., Belleville