Letters to the Editor


Hillary Clinton’s testimony last week was very telling. When asked who was notified and who handled the security of Ambassador Chris Stevens at the Benghazi annex, she said “I relied on the security professionals.” Based on her testimony, you’d think there were multiple layers between the Office of Diplomatic Security and her.

I checked the State Department organizational chart and there is one layer — the Under Secretary for Management who owns the Office of Diplomatic Security. Did that under secretary notify Mrs. Clinton? Since she has no computer in her office (her words) and only gets emails on her personal server or her government issued Blackberry, did that under secretary mail her a letter of request; use Western Union; the Pony Express or what? Did she meet with Mrs. Clinton? Was the Deputy Secretary of State, who reported directly to Mrs. Clinton, notified?

This high risk security situation was in Libya, not Tahiti, Belgium or Sweden. This should have reached her. I was an Emergency Actions Officer years ago in Germany and our message system, as antique as it was compared to now, allowed us to transmit an encrypted emergency actions message to the Pentagon and the White House in less than 5 minutes. Finally, why didn’t she put the region in an increased “Force Protection Condition” which increases security and invokes additional measures during emergencies? Well, the proverbial phone rang at 3 a.m. and Hillary rolled over on her pillow and didn’t answer that call.

Phil Henning, Smithton