Letters to the Editor


In reference to your opinion on the Insight page of your reference to “We support state workers signs” posted on lawns around St. Clair County, I take exception to your reference that the signs are supporting state employees abusing Workman’s Compensation in Illinois.

I won’t speak for other people who have the signs on their lawns but the one on my lawn is in support of my daughter who is a case manager for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. She is a dedicated employee that looks after the well being and safety of the children assigned to her. Her work days average over 10 hours driving and visiting some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Illinois. For example, the south side of Chicago along the stretch known as Murder Mile.

With the Democrats and the governor in a stalemate over the budget, she doesn’t know if she will receive a paycheck from month to month. That is what my sign is about, not the corruption that goes on in all departments of the state government.

Donald Lawhead