Letters to the Editor

Sound-off 11/2/15

From the readers of the News-Democrat

Our readers comment on the week’s news:


I was watching TV and the budget crisis in Illinois. It’s basically caused out of Chicago with Mike Madigan and his individuals in Chicago, and it’s just flowing down here to Southern Illinois. But the cause is Mike Madigan, he needs to retire. Just like his cronies in St. Clair County. He is just too greedy. Vote him out or move to another state.


I see the BND has requested a Freedom of Information, with the request for the city to disclose city attorney Horner’s report on Lindenwood housing. The attorney seems to be rat holeing this information because it’s evidently bad publicly for the mayor. The article states the houses were inspected. There should be copies of the report.

Cahokia sewers

I wonder if all that money spent on the sewer break at Cahokia High School is worth it. All the overtime, someone trying to fix the problem. No better now than it was before, and it now stinks. You ca smell sewage now. Good going Commonfields. Mayor McCall and everyone. You made it worse.


I hate to pop Jim Walters dreams but I read a recent poll: if it’s Bernie against the Donald, Bernie wins. If it’s Hillary against the Donald, the Donald wins. Walters should read Hillary’s true colors, and he will see why most Americans won’t vote for Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife.


The editorial about Bellecourt Place needing to make the banquet hall accessible for handicapped patrons because of an inspection by a Belleville fire chief has a strong stink about it. When did this first come up? What the hell was the fire chief doing for the past 20 years? If you going to point out that places need to be handicapped accessible, I don’t believe the fire chief is doing his job.

Gun violence

A recent letter writer attempted to dismiss gun violence by showing that more people died of heart attacks and cancer than gun violence. I would ask the letter writer to cite statistics showing the last time 20 first graders all died at the same time from heart attacks.

Grocery carts

This comment is to the lady concerned with the dirty clothes and shoes in the grocery carts where teenagers are crawling into. Have you ever thought about the cute babies that puke, pee and poop in the baby seats where you put your produce?


I and my neighbors hadn’t seen a Belleville police car in our neighborhood in weeks. And suddenly when five cars and a home are broken into, including two of a Belleville police officer’s personal vehicles, suddenly there are police everywhere. At what point are the Belleville police going to become proactive. This is pathetic.


Glenn McCoy’s cartoon on Oct. 25 about Hillary Clinton stomping on the graves of the four people who were assassinated by terrorists in Benghazi is excellent. Keep it up.


Any pay increase by District 189 should be in line with the amount of money they get from the state. If they get zero from the state, which they won’t, then the teachers would get zero. Divided amongst all of them. If it’s a half percent increase, then they can’t use that because payments were way down. They will turn it down anyway. It’s not right. There’s not a teacher that did not receive a raise last year.


Mr. James Harrigan, get your facts straight before you start writing letters regarding School District 189. There are 25 students in elementary per teacher, 30 in middle school and 32 in high dchool. What classroom did you go into where you saw 15 per teacher? Wasn’t School District 189.


Next year Social Security recipients won’t get a cost of living raise. Funny, come Jan. 1 these jokers in Washington will vote themselves a raise. As for the people in Stookey Township, we need a new supervisor and highway commissioner. We haven’t had a decent one since the ‘60s.


Did Belleville District 201 School Board stretch out their loan debt over more years, costing taxpayers more money because “but for” TIF tax dollars never making it to the district? I ask each member of the school board who voted to extend the loan why they had to do that. And how much money earmarked originally for 201 was diverted to TIF because of the “but for” TIF.

Cost of living

Mr. Obama and Congress said my cost of living didn’t go up? My Ameren bill went up $30 a month, Medicare is going up $52 a month, and my internet is going up $30 a month. And take all that out of the same money that I had last year. No cost of living?

15 years

Loved your editorial “George Bailey they ain’t.” Instead of the $15 million for big developments such as housing, that closes the gap on what the developer can borrow but also to make it profitable for borrowers and developers. Find out how long these units have to stay low income housing. 15 years by the federal government, but most states require an additional 15 years. Are we like most states? Are we giving a development that we subsidized back in 15 years to profit seekers?


Evidently nine aldermen can’t show up for a meeting along with the mayor. Mr. Horner, you are the city attorney, there is no client privilege with you. You work for the city, the report is for the city, not between you and Eckert.

Property taxes

Liberal crybabies think they are sticking it to the rich guy by raising property taxes. The only thing that actually happens is the middle class are driven down to the poor class, because they can’t pay their taxes. All they really did was to open the door for the rich guy to come in and buy the foreclosed homes. Now we have record numbers of renters and very few home owners. How much has the ownership gone down? Illinois is just creating a society of very wealthy and very poor.


I see were Rep. Steve King, has proposed a bill in Congress (HR140) to define citizenship in which case, it defines or eliminates immigrants coming to this country and having children here and then the children become citizens and become entitled to our welfare program. I’d like to know if our local representatives Mr. Bost and the gentleman form Collinsville have signed on to co-sponsor this bill and eliminate the so called provision referred to as “anchor babies.”


Continually this budget impasse in Illinois is not good. As a citizen we keep hearing Rauner will work on them for proposing a budget. If we are supposed to have a balanced budget in this state, I would like to hear what Sen. Clayborne, who is in charge of the Senate, and our Rep. Jackson as well as the other locals here. Publish something in the paper about the numbers on how the Democrats are proposing a budget without it being out of balance and without raising the taxes of the middle class. The Democrats are saying Rauner’s proposals are hurting the middle class. But their only proposal has been to keep the surcharge income tax in force.