Letters to the Editor


Well now that the construction season will be slowing down, The city of O’Fallon has ignored the older parts of town. Streets like Washington, Cherry, Oak — these streets are falling apart.

But, we have a wonderful new sidewalk along State Street so the 10 people a year can walk that way to the park. We have over-paved 10-year-old streets. dug up other streets, replaced sidewalks — all in the more upscale neighborhoods.

I believe the city is devaluing my property. I’m considering legal action against the city to have a fair share of tax dollars spent in our neighborhoods if things don’t change, or maybe move and rent my house out and create another eyesore for the city. I have a dozen or more pictures to back what I’m saying. Heck, just take the time and drive around and see for yourself.

The mayor could care less about us. He knows where he gets his votes and they have all the good streets.

William Bates, O’Fallon