Letters to the Editor


I strongly disagree with the headline in your Saturday edition of Insight, which states, “Religious freedom gets a courts martial.” I believe the unit commander was justifiably exercising his authority over what was displayed in the work place. It would probably be appropriate for the marine to display her sayings in the privacy of her billeting area but, again, the commander’s authority must not and should not be questioned or circumvented by some outside court attempting to give comfort for the minor benefit of the individual versus the absolute necessity of what the commander determines is best for the unit. To do otherwise is to undermine the authority of the commander and to suffer the consequences of erosion of military discipline.

There are more than sufficient checks already on the authority of the commander and to further undermine that authority by allowing such biblical sayings to be displayed in the work place would be to open up all kinds of other displays of religious, agnostic and atheist symbols. Then all other religions must also be given equal rights and who knows where that leads but it is not a road I believe we need to go down.

Lee R. Pitzer, O’Fallon