Letters to the Editor


While sitting at my kitchen table this morning, I was wondering why can’t I find a good doughnut in Belleville? What ever happened to Mom and Pop family places? All we have in Belleville are fast food and franchised businesses.

At one time there were four or five bakeries, all with wonderful specialities. There were many restaurants, some open 24 hours, where you could get anything you could think of; good, old-fashioned, comfort food.

My idea of breakfast isn’t an egg and bacon sliced so thin you can read through it, served on a greasy biscuit, or biscuit and gravy in a plastic foam box.

You go to much smaller towns that sill have these places that serve real breakfasts. I am not saying Belleville doesn’t have new placed to eat that are very trendy, but most people don’t want sushi or to watch beer being made or go into a place with 15 TVs and waitresses that look like strippers. Sometimes you would just like to go have a good meal or pick up some bakery goods.

I know many people who feel as I do. If smaller towns can do it, why not Belleville?

Nancy Hurst, Belleville