Letters to the Editor

U.S. debt level is beyond disgusting

President Obama has signed a budget deal for the next two years that will raise the national debt ceiling from $18.5 trillion to $20 trillion, putting the U.S. debt at almost twice the level it was when he first took office.

This is past disgusting.

Here are two ideas: a) Every country in the world declares debt forgiveness for everyone. No more high taxes, no budget shutdowns ... everybody learns how to budget like most households; b) The USA declares bankruptcy. Our credit rating is tanked already. Wipe the slate clean, or pay pennies on the dollar. I know, hyper inflation, etc. would be the results. Along with every citizen demanding better.

There has to be some control. Money disappears. After the wars, we leave equipment there. Then we have to buy new for the next one. More debt. Jobs are created for friends and family, and they don’t have to do anything. The list can go on.

Our taxes are high. Unemployment is high. Career jobs are gone. Hell. we can’t even process chickens. That gets outsourced to China also.

I love my country, but the politicians of both parties have ruined it. The love of money has corrupted them and large business. According to U.S. News and World Report, the current U.S. population is 320,090,857. If the government stopped spending completely, how long would it take for 320,090,857 to pay off $20 trillion? Well, neither will happen, it will get worse.

Bob Anderson, Belleville