Letters to the Editor

Above the law?

In the Belleville News-Democrat (Week 45, 2015 edition), McClatchy Washington Bureau correspondents Kumar and Gordon declared of Hillary Clinton: “She’s too big to Jail.” What the hell has happened to this country? Why would anyone in this country be untouchable? We have corporations “too big to fail” now we have civil servants “too big to jail.”

According to the article, at least 671 emails that she handled contained classified information. Having had a security clearance for decades, I know that ignorance is no excuse. By virtue of the position you hold you have a pretty good feel for what is considered classified. If there is any question you can always ask your security personnel.

Nixon was impeached for a small gap in a tape. She is untouchable? Yes, that is what we need, a presidential candidate that is above the law.

William Mills, Shiloh