Letters to the Editor


It was appropriate that Mr. Bremen Sr.’s letter on Donald and the Clintons appeared in the paper on Halloween. It was certainly more than enough to terrorize me by its statement that “there have been 58 deaths with connections to the Clintons since their days in Arkansas until 2000.” I would suppose from that statement that after 2000 the Clintons gave up killing people.

I will challenge Mr. Bremen to list the 58 deaths, and the circumstances, and their individual connection to the Clintons. It will be interesting to read such a detailed account and surely such a record exists or where did Mr. Bremen arrive at this number 58, from the National Enquirer, or some other scandal sheet?

As to Bremen’s claim of leftist bias on the part of national news media, I find such bias, if it exists at all, to be much more subtle and subdued than what I am constantly exposed to on the Fox Network.

Lee R. Pitzer, OFallon