Letters to the Editor

Chris Christie’s aggressive rehetoric

Chris Christie’s aggressive rehetoric

I found interesting reading concerning Gov. Chris Christie’s aggressive rhetoric concerning the presidential race against Hillary Clinton.

Christie stressed his argument that he will be able to confront Hillary Clinton on the debate table. He also expressed confidence in defeating her.

Christie also told MSNBC “Morning Joe” hosts in reference to Hillary Clinton: “She’s going to be tough and she’s going to be a real headache for us come next fall.” Christie also said that it is going to take someone who is tested and ready and mature and tough to take on Hillary Clinton. In all that he said, Chris Christie is merely being realistic and he is telling it like it is. We need presidential candidates like that.

Christie’s rhetoric is much like that of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in anticipation of a looming storm and difficult task ahead. On Sept. 1, 1941, President Roosevelt, in a radio broadcast, said: “The task of defeating Hitler may be long and arduous.” After that he went on to say: “We should do everything in our power to crush Hitler and his Nazi forces.”

I hope the Republican Party will show the same outlook and determination to defeat Hillary Clinton and the Democrats as President Roosevelt did to defeat Hitler and the Nazis.

Personally, I do not see much difference in the need to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016 as was seen in 1941 to defeat Hitler and the Nazis. A time passage of 75 years has brought up similar urgencies. Righteousness reigns when people do the right thing. Let us hope that the people of this country will vote sensibly.

Frank B. Austin, O’Fallon