Letters to the Editor

Township issues need to be addressed

Recently a couple of issues have been raised by anonymous sources concerning Caseyville Township government that I, as supervisor, feel need to be addressed.

First is the issue of residential and commercial sewer tap-in fees. As an elected official, I have always worked to treat every homeowner fairly, trying to keep their tap-in fee and sewer rate as low as possible. For someone to accuse me of catering to business developers is an outright lie. Let’s be clear: the final decisions concerning sewer tap-in fees and sewer rates are made by the whole Board of Trustees. I am only one of those voting members.

Secondly is the issue of proper procedures for conducting township meetings. As supervisor, I follow “Robert’s Rules of Order.” This means to insure that appropriate business be addressed in an orderly manor, people follow an agenda. A typical agenda allows for any citizen who wishes to address the board to do so, and gives that person three minutes to do so, provided they have signed in on the sheet provided by the township. This right is protected by Caseyville Township law. This same law acknowledges that township officials (including the supervisor) may require time to research a subject matter before providing an appropriate and correct response, and therefore may not be able to respond immediately.

If any citizen of Caseyville Township has any questions about the above matters or any other matter, please feel free to contact me.

Bruce Canty, Caseyville Township Supervisor