Letters to the Editor

National debt

Honestly folks, I think writer Gene Robke has lost it. I have never read such raving as was in his last letter, coupled with fallacious statements. For instance, he says George Bush had the highest deficits ever. Not true. The highest deficit George Bush had was in 2008 when it was about $459 billion while in 2011, while Obama was president, it was $1.3 trillion. That’s with a “T.” In addition Obama has increased our national debt higher than any president in history.

National Debt in 2000 $3.4 trillion.

National Debt in 2008 $5.8 trillion. Percent of GD 39.3

Difference $2.4 trillion

National Debt in 2008 $5.8 trillion.

National Debt in 2015 $13.6 trillion. Percent of GDP 74.6

Difference $7.8 trillion

These facts can all be checked in the World Almanac and Book of Facts 2015 edition. Then Robke tells you about all the jobs Obama has created. Again he does not inform you that most of these jobs are low wage and that the average American worker’s wages have decreased in the seven years under Obama. Then there is Robke’s “access to health care.” He also neglects to tell you that the cost of health care in this country has skyrocketed and is due to increase even more. Space does not permit me to go into Obama’s miserable foreign policies. If I were Robke, who has helped elect this catastrophe we have as president, I would go hide in a cave somewhere.

Leon Anderson, Collinsville