Letters to the Editor

Former teacher

Mr. Munden is a great man. I had never felt such a compassion to learn about the history of America and the world around it until he inspired me the way he did. I have never once felt that he was suggesting anything religious or against our great country. I wish to end all lies and whispers about my former teacher once and for all. I had great respect for him and I still respect him greatly enough to defend his honor.

Mr. Munden is a true patriot. Once a student asked him if he could be living anywhere where would he go? He truthfully replied “America.” Another student then proceeded to ask where he would live if he couldn’t live in the United States, again he stated, “I would find a way to get to America.”

As a student in his class, I truly admired him. He could tell a story so great that you could feel the history all around you. I feel personally offended that anyone would say such horrible lies about him. I am now an eighth-grader at High Mount School. Even though my time with Mr. Munden was only two years, his great memory is with me forever as a man who embodies the American Dream.

Don Parker, Swansea