Letters to the Editor


As you may have heard, the president plans to release 6,000 felons from federal prison between Oct. 30 and Nov. 2. These felons are just the first “tranche” of some 46,000 prisoners who are eligible to apply for early release, 8,554 more are to be set free over the next 12 months until Halloween 2016.

The Obama administration has admitted that one-third of these prisoners are illegal aliens who should never have been allowed in this country. Please do not believe that those aliens will be deported. Obama has proven to me he will not do it. He is running our country. We are no longer a great country.

These felons will be released throughout the United States. Texas gets 578; Florida gets 295; Illinois gets 253; California gets 229; North Carolina gets 218; Georgia gets 167; Iowa gets 145; New York gets 141; Tennessee gets 150; Missouri gets 129; South Carolina gets 102; Alabama gets 107. All other states receive 100 or less.

These felons were convicted of other offenses than drugs and trafficking and working with Mexican gangs. Are we to just be glad we do not have to feed them and give them free medical and dental any longer. This is how the president cares for you and I.

Betty Homyer, Granite City