Letters to the Editor


To writer Bev Mattison, I have done much research. Just because I didn’t come up with what many Democrats and you would like to hear doesn’t mean it’s not true, and I would believe a government site before anything else.

If you go to History.com and put in Iran/Iraq war it will give you a lot of information there too and there again nothing that says about Bush being involved in anyway. If more of the Democrats, including you, want to believe that Bush would cause something like that to happen, and risk so many lives then you are delusional. No president has wanted war, and to say that Bush wanted this to happen, no. At the government site it gives a full account of what happened and names of all those involved, the three men who came to the U.S. to learn to fly, and so on. It was bin Laden and people he recruited to do all this, because he was mad at the U.S. for siding with their enemy from the sounds of it. History.com said he even wanted to take out the White House with Bush still there.

So you all claim what you want, as you want to believe the worst anyway. As for a lot of us, we will believe sites that actually have the right information.

Lori Felts, Worden